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Edito : « Today's menu is Chicken with Anamamy... Where do the Malagasy come from in reality ?  »   (1)

      I read Emma's article with bewilderment during her passage in Ghana. She was convinced that " the Gasy is Africans ". I also wanted to say that I met African friends in Mania a fortnight ago...
An oeucuminic church service was realized because this meeting was the meeting of all the Africans living in Mania. We prayed for the soul of a mother of an African friend 

  who died recently here.( Not only does he live here but he gets married with a philippian girl and works on the IBM).  

       I do not see the difference between the Africans and the Malagasy ! The rhythms of songs are Malagasy! People are Malagasy! According to that Emma felt, they are people of the South (photo Ampanihy). If you go to Diego-Suarez or Tamatave, the resemblance is striking. 
       I was a little bit perplexed when I really oberved the wife of one of African friends. She was Indonesienne. She was Malagasy! She was Merina! It is what incited me to ask questions to your taxi driver in Accra, Emma. If you are African, why are you white and smooth-haired ? You did not pay, the child of the Imerina, because the taxi driver was not sure of it.
Joking aside, I was perplexed when I asked for the translation of "SOTRO" in Korean (because I lived with a Korean at home ). I was very surprised when he answered me that it was the same word in Korean !
      My thoughts went towards all the " restrained eyes " (Kify maso in Sihanaka) of my mother' s family : Korean or Chinese ? I do not talk about any current generations married 

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to Chineses but the pure Malagasy for a long time who took an arc where from ! When I studied English at the ACC in Tana, I had a handsome and pedantic friend. He said to me he was proud to have the restrained eyes.

     Always by speaking about big eyes, most of the philippians have big eyes. I do not find philippians with restrained eyes on the condition that they have Chinese descendants. I would have only had to ask: why have you eyes restrained nevertheless almost all Philippians have big eyes? He answered me if I have got any Chinese or Japanese blood. In Filipino, when we speak, eyes move. (With the Italians, they are the hands which move).
Seriously, I tried to answer the real origin of the Malagasy people . I have still reminded of despicable comments from a friend of mine in English at the ACC. " Look at their eyes enlarge ! " I remember all this, here, in Mania (skin colour, thickness of eyes, smooth or frizzy hair. But the Malagasy are a mystery until now! If we consider that my friend with the big eyes comes from Filipino or from China or from Japan my friend with the restrained eyes hating big eyes... How were they able to arrive to Madagascar in this time ? When I came here, I needed a whole day in Boeing in spite of modern times. How were the women and the children, the poultry and so on... able to settle down on the island of Madagascar ?
I am going to end now, Serge, because I am more or less in a hurry. I shall finish with ANANA : At Tagaitay some day, one hour by car northward, from Mania, I was surprised when we ate for the first time because the dish was chicken with ANAMAMY ( brèdes ). I did not believe that it was ANAMAMY but I simply thought of something of the same family.... After four days, I walked alone and discovered a waterfall. I like waterfalls then I tried to approach it more. What did I see ? ANAMAMY in abundance was at the edge of the water coming from the fall.I took a little to bring them home. The enjoyment was big for everybody when we still made chicken with ANAMAMY. I was really convinced that I ate ANAMAMY.       ... to be continued.


Eric Jaofera de Paris

  (traduction en anglais du  texte original de Lemonja en malgache )

« Akoho sy anamamy misy rony no laoka... Avy aiza marina ny Malagasy?  »

(Traductions de  L'Edito en (fr & gb ) par  Eric Jaofera de Paris et en ( Ger ) Par Angéline Ranaivoarinosy de Paris

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